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A 1-1 draw between Chivas and Toluca in the home opener of El Rebaño

16/01/2021 19:09 / Omar González

At first, the game lacked fluidity and continuity given that both teams were inaccurate in their passing and eventually it became a fierce midfield battle over ball possession. It was Toluca that got the first chance, specifically, in minute 9 when Sambueza shot from just inside the box, but Gudiño caught the ball without problems.

In the 23rd minute, team captain, Jesús Molina gave ‘El Rebaño’ the lead with a solid header following a corner kick that found him wide open in the 6-yard box; however, Toluca got the equalizer when Castañeda shot a rocket past Gudiño a couple of minutes later.

Víctor Vucetich changed tactics and swap players at the half which was noticeable during the whole second half with a more offensive Chivas that managed to find their footing and put pressure on Toluca’s defensive line.

In the 52nd minute, ‘Cone’ Brizuela with a precise cross into Fernando Beltrán whose shot went way above the woodwork. In minute 56, once again, Isaac Brizuela with an accurate pass for ‘Chicote’ Calderón who shot from close-range but was not able to get the ball past the goalkeeper. ‘Cone’ proved to be the most dangerous player as he fired a right-footed shot that was saved by García in the 75th minute.

By the end of the game, ‘Tiba’ Sepúlveda could have gotten a late winner, unfortunately, his header was saved by García. During matchweek 3 of Guard1anes 2021, El Rebaño Sagrado will clash with Atlético San Luis next Thursday 21st at Estadio Alfonso Lastras.

Chivas 1-1 Toluca
(Jesús Molina 22’)
(Kevin Castañeda 24’)
Referee: César Arturo Ramos Palazuelos
Estadio Akron


Chivas: 1 Raúl Gudiño, 17 Jesús Sánchez (YC 50’) (13 Ángel Zaldívar 85’), 21 Hiram Mier, 3 Gilberto Sepúlveda, 16 Miguel Ponce, 5 Jesús Molina (29 Eduardo Torres 67’), 20 Fernando Beltrán (19 Jesús Angulo 67’), 26 Cristian Calderón, 15 Uriel Antuna, 7 Alexis vega and 6 César Huerta (11 Isaac Brizuela 46’).
Coach. Víctor Vucetich

Toluca: 22 Luis García, 29 Rodrigo Salinas, 6 Miguel Barbieri, 17 Jorge Torres Nilo (YC 78’) (23 Haret Ortega 78’), 33 Diego Rigonato (YC 74’), 20 Claudio Baeza, 35 José Juan Vázquez, 18 Kevin Castañeda (11 Pablo López 66’), 14 Rubens Sambueza (15 Antonio Ríos 82'), 25 Alexis Canelo and 13 Michael Estrada (21 Enrique Triverio 46’) (YC 65’). Coach.Hernán Cristante



Position Teams Matches Points
5 2 4
6 2 3
7 1 3
8 2 3
9 2 3

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