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02/02/2021 15:08 / Robert Amorelli

“If you have men who will only come if they know there is a good road, I don't want them. I want men who will come if there is no road at all.” - David Livingstone

Ecclesiastes 1:5, One generation passeth away, and another generation cometh; but the earth abideth forever… The sun also ariseth, and the sungoeth down, and hasteth to the place where he arose…

Last weekend’s call to arms was PATIENCE. This weekend’s is PATIENCE POR DOS. POR DOS!!! (X2).

I know it's winter, but I could almost swear that the temperature has gone up quite a few degrees since our last away game. As they say in Juarez “El Diablo Está Planchando”.

I knew the Roji Blanco - Juarez game was going to be an emotional hot-plate. Neither Guadalajara nor Juarez had been able to put significant numbers up on the leader board and neither had shown a convincing semblance of their true, on the pitch potential. On paper, Guadalajara was clearly the favorite to keep these three points at home. A victory would have definitely calmed the flames stoked by the three – one loss in San Luis last week.

But it was not to be.

Chivas had yet another opportunity to prove me right! Club Deportivo Guadalajara has the most talented, young Mexican squad in the league. I don’t care what anyone says. Hands down. We have seen them prove it on countless occasions. But as with all younglings, they lack constancy. They procrastinate. They have self-doubt. The only thing that can cure what they have is called age. Those of us who have hit fifty, call it experience.

Whatever the case may have been, Saturday’s game had all the ingredients to be a howler. As I mentioned before, both teams were coming off a rough spot after a disappointing beginning.

The game was filled with mini powder kegs of chili powder.

First up, the return of Luis Fernando Tena with everything to prove. And he did by lining up his best eleven and letting them play.

Second, to add a bit of flavor to the “caldo” Marco Fabian returned to his old stomping grounds wearing different colors. There were rumors of his being all washed up. His near perfect game silenced the naysayers. He showed if not perfect form, much heart. Fabian has in experience and years, what some of our Chiva bro’s are missing. Mostly years, but also “Colmillo”.

Want even more flavor?

Since the return of the Bravos to first division play, Guadalajara had never once lost a game to the northerners. In fact, the odds had been completely in favor of Chivas in all respects. Passing, shooting, scoring. Bravos have been no match for el Rebaño. Until Saturday that is.

After this weekend’s result, the Chiva Band of Brothers, players, and coaching team alike, are well aware that the whole project could start sliding out of control if significant results are not soon in coming. One of the team objectives during the preseason was to improve 10% in all areas when compared to last season’s results, one of them being placing El Rebaño in the top four before the playoffs. Top four.

Doable? Of course, it is. I have not seen any team this season which I could safely say are contenders to take the Cup home after the league final. Not even Leon who finished strong against Pumas. Leon current champs and our next rival.

As I have said a plethora of times before, the skills are there. Time for all the effort to come to fruition.


This is the way. This is the road. The semita. The harder, the better. The rougher, the merrier. When you suffer, you remember. PHP is the only way to forge ahead. PHP and teamwork. And a little humility never hurt anyone. When times get rough, they are just a reminder to put things into perspective.

A lot of people are of the opinion that winning is the only thing, not the how you win. I disagree. The how you win is what convinces. Just the same as the how you lose. How you lose convinces. It’s called having grace under pressure. I have walked away from a disappointing result if not happy, let’s say, content. Content that my team gave their all on the pitch. Lo dieron todo. If the Chiva eleven presented by Vuce and Crew can give me that, Everything, I can sleep easy.

¡¡¡No pido nada!!!

I just ask that Chivas show the essence of what Club Guadalajara represents.

It is not only a soccer team, but it also represents a successful Mexican company that has managed to position a brand in a super competitive market. It employs hundreds of people. It represents the essence of Mexican culture that, even in the face of great challenges, has managed to position itself as a hard-working and steadfast race.

Likewise, the challenges of Mexican companies encounter many obstacles to be successful. Thus, Chivas is playing with pure Mexicans, pure homegrown players. The challenge is to find the perfect 11 and not let the challenges slow them down. This has been the challenge for Club Guadalajara for over a century. Finding that right combination of character and skill.

Club Guadalajara and the values it represents are much more significant in this time of crisis. The stubbornness of Chivas and Co. to find the path, the semita, with purely Mexican players will have its fruits.

The first ninety minutes was poorly played.

Chivas, like a punch weary boxer, barely staying on their feet. Reacting and not able to really find its footing. Slow to respond, willing but not daring to take the initiative. Then the changes. The second half was Vucetich era futbol: dynamic, high recovery, one-touch circulation within the attacking triangle, versatile multi-functional players willing to take the risk and go all the way.

I am of the opinion that we should continue to support Vucetich's plan, making changes in the pieces of the machine and getting rid of the worn-out ones. Chivas will move forward without betraying its principles and the good sense of its administrators. It hurts to make decisions that can break the peace within the group, but it is necessary to take risks by betting on the quality of the young players. If we are going to have the same results, it is better to take a gamble with the kids.

The sun also rises

Hopefully, this time they will prove me and millions of other Chiva Faithful right.

Nah. This is it. This is our time.



Position Teams Matches Points
5 2 4
6 2 3
7 1 3
8 2 3
9 2 3

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