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Chivas and Necaxa split the points after a late equalizer from ‘JJ’ Macías

13/02/2021 21:10 / Fernando Giaccardi

Necaxa made it clear from the start, it was all about counterattack and a park-the-bus stance which caused issues among Chivas as it was hard to find their footing and clear chances on the attacking half.

In spite of the latter, El Chiverío tried hard and in minute 5 Jesús Sánchez crossed the ball precisely into Eduardo Torres whose header went straight into the hands of Malagón. Four minutes later, Macías caught a loose ball and fired but the ball was saved.

In the 28th minute, ‘Cone’ Brizuela attempted a solo play in which he outran a couple of defenders and then unleashed a powerful shot that missed the target. In minute 39, González gave Necaxa the lead with a close-range left-footed shot past Gudiño.

By the end of the first 45, Isaac Brizuela delivered a precise ball to Jesús Angulo who shot calmly into the back of the net to level terms.

Nothing changed in the second half and in the 52nd minute, Necaxa got their second goal of the night during a set-piece play and an unfortunate own goal from Macías. Hiram Mier shot from a very-close distance; nonetheless, Malagón caught the ball in minute 77.

It was a heart-stopping, game-ending as JJ got the late equalizer with a solid header assisted in spectacular fashion by a feisty ‘Cone’ Brizuela. Chivas will travel to ‘La Bella Airosa’ for a Monday Night showdown vs. Pachuca next Monday 22nd at 9:00 pm CT.

Guadalajara 2-2 Necaxa
(Jesus Angulo 45’ and José Juan Macías 90’+4’)
(Ian González 39’, OG José Juan Macías 52’)
Referee: Diego Montaño Robles
Estadio Akron


Guadalajara: 1 Raúl Gudiño, 17 Jesús Sánchez (7 Alexis Vega 57’), 21 Hiram Mier, 14 Antonio Briseño (20 Fernando Beltrán 86’), 2 Alejandro Mayorga, 5 Jesús Molina (6 César Huerta 57’), 29 Eduardo Torres, 19 Jesús Angulo (13 Ángel Zaldívar 68’), 11 Isaac Brizuela, 15 Uriel Antuna, 9 José Juan Macías.
Coach. Víctor Manuel Vucetich

Necaxa: 25 Luis Malagón; 26 Julio César González, 33 Mario de Luna, 4 Jair Pereira, 3 Unai Bilbao, 2 Idekel Domínguez (YC 65’) (18 Raúl Sandoval 90’), 16 Jairo González, 194 Alejandro Andrade, 21 Alejandro Zendejas, 10 Maximiliano Salas (17 Martín Barragán 60’), 24 Ian González (8 Fernando Arce 72’).
Coach. José Guadalupe Cruz



Position Teams Matches Points
5 2 4
6 2 3
7 1 3
8 2 3
9 2 3

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