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27/02/2021 16:28 / Robert Amorelli

“I'm more afraid of success than failure. Success makes us so sure of ourselves that we do not analyze the factors that lead us to our success. Instead, in failure there's an error that lurks that makes us reflect and, in that process, there is learning and that makes us better” – Jorge Valdano

What in the blazes happened to Chivas and Pumas during the off-season? Both teams had battled through the playoffs, playing convincing, aggressive, forward-thinking futbol. Awakening in some of us the illusion of again witnessing a repetition of the 2004 Final de Liga.

I think I blew my cover! ¿Eres OLD, but eres así de OLD?

The Hugo Sanchez Pumas and the Westerhof Chivas were the shiznit!!! Both matches were extremely well played, great soccer and an impressive, herculean, physical effort by all players. Both teams played a no holds barred offensive game which in the end resulted in a great Final, one of the most dramatic and best played in the last twenty years. But don’t take my word for it, if you haven’t had the chance to watch that game definitely look it up online, you won’t regret it.

Unfortunately for both fan bases, far gone are the days of the “Lindo Gatito” and the “Super Chivas”. The two iconic Mexican teams arrive embattled on all sides by foes and “pseudo” fans alike. Bawdy critiques and random knick-knack analyses flooding the web and air-waves, talking heads, and couch-potatoes spouting such foul biased commentary makes me want to ignore all my social media.

Almost. Keep your enemy closer.


From what I can see, we are going to have a fairly even match.

Lillini’s Pumas seem to be a bit more defensively minded this season, with an average of about 40% possession and a focus on recoup and counter-attack. His offense seems to be broken though. They have only scored three goals this season. Three in seven. Nothing like the end of last season, especially after that spectacular comeback against the Cruz Azul in the semis. And what to say about our magnificent Rebaño Sagrado? Look at the numbers! Look at the opponent’s numbers. Futbol is a game of success and failure. Errores y aciertos. Not luck. Not love. The guy who makes the least number of mistakes takes all the marbles home.

Except for the game against León, Chivas have an overall average possession hovering between fifty and seventy percent, coupled with an over eighty percent passing accuracy. Very bueno. Impressive, to say the least. Also impressive, contrary to last season, the Red and Whites have scored in all of their matches, ten goals in seven games. Something unheard of in the last four seasons. Also contrasting with last season, where Chivas, along with Pumas BTW, were one of the top three defenses, the Rebaño have received at least one 'pepino' in all their matches, adding up to a total of eleven in seven games. No bueno. Chivas' best weapon in the Apertura was our defensive line.

Patience my friends, Vucetich has a lot on his hands. Apart from the media uproar every time Guadalajara makes a move he has to deal with creating a collective mind. All his players come from different backgrounds, canteras, and ages. It takes time to get them all in the same mindset so that they can flow together and not separately.

Anyhow, let's agree to live in the present. As I said, I predict we are going to see a very balanced game next Sunday, Pumas playing the counter and Chivas pushing forward. Both need to win, so both Lillini and Vuce will be going for the whole enchilada. Win-Win for you and I.

So, pay no mind to the talking heads and nay-sayers crying lightning looking to shock and awe the “respectable public” into sympathizing with their ill-informed and ill-willed smoke bombs. Don’t hate them for it.



Position Teams Matches Points
5 2 4
6 2 3
7 1 3
8 2 3
9 2 3

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