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Chivas and Mazatlán split points

06/03/2021 22:58 / Fernando Giaccardi

Since the very beginning, Mazatlán showed a clear defensive stance leaning towards a counterattack plan, aware of Chivas’ offensive power who battle hard and got total ball control but were unable to crystalize their superiority.

Nonetheless, it was Mazatlán who took the lead following a set-piece play that found an open Díaz that shot past Gudiño in minute 5.

In minute 25 ‘Tiba’ Sepúlveda was close to equalizing the game as he was precisely assisted by Jesús Molina; however, the homegrown Rojiblanco was not able to shoot on an empty net.

In the 32nd minute, Alexis Vega fired a long-range shot that went way off-target. A couple of minutes later, El Rebaño got the equalizer via Jesús Molina after a great collective play by Alexis Vega and Miguel Ponce. By the end of the first half, a double chance for Chivas as ‘Cone’ unleashed a powerful shot which was deflected by Vikonis into ‘JJ’ who shot over the woodwork.

From the first minute of the second half, El Chiverío showed their willingness to get the W as they pushed hard and put a lot of pressure on Mazatlán’s defensive line.

Mazatlán got one chance, in minute 52 as Aristeguieta shot from long distance but Gudiño caught the ball easily.

In the 59th minute, Alexis Vega showcased a great solo play and unleashed a superb shot that ended up in the hands of Vikonis.

After that, both teams took the foot out the gas and it was a very tactic game with few emotions. Chivas will host América next Sunday 14th in another edition of El Clásico Nacional during matchweek 11 of Guard1anes 2021.

Mazatlán FC 1-1 Guadalajara
(Nicolás Díaz 5’)
(Jesús Molina 34’)
Referee: Fernando Guerrero Ramírez
Estadio Kraken

Mazatlán FC: 34 Nicolás Vikonis, 2 Efraín Velarde, 3 Néstor Vidrio, 4 Nicolás Díaz, 16 José Ortíz (YC 67’) (28 Jorge Padilla 83’), 6 Roberto Meráz, 7 Luis Ángel Mendoza (YC 23’) (21 Iván Moreno 87’), 11 Daniel Amador (25 Israel Jiménez 54’), 30 Giovanni Augusto, 9 Fernando Aristeguieta, 29 Michael Rangel (17 Camilo Sanvezzo 54’).
Coach. Tomás Boy

Guadalajara: 1 Raúl Gudiño, 17 Jesús Sánchez, 3 Gilberto Sepúlveda, 14 Antonio Briseño, 16 Miguel Ponce, 5 Jesús Molina (15 Uriel Antuna 68’), 29 Eduardo Torres, 19 Jesús Angulo (30 Sergio Flores 83’), 11 Isaac Brizuela, 7 Alexis Vega (20 Fernando Beltrán 83’), 9 José Juan Macías (13 Ángel Zaldívar 87’).
Coach. Víctor Manuel Vucetich


Position Teams Matches Points
5 2 4
6 2 3
7 1 3
8 2 3
9 2 3

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