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Chivas got bitterly defeated in El Clásico Nacional

14/03/2021 22:06 / Javier Quezada

From the get-go, Chivas made it very clear, they were going for the win this was backed by Vucetich’s super offensive stance and line up which caused issues for the visiting team’s defensive line, but as time elapsed América was able to level the game and it became a fierce midfield battle.

In minute 1, El Rebaño Sagrado took advantage of a mistake and almost took the lead thanks to a great play by Antuna and ‘Canelo’; however, Jesús Angulo’s close-range shot went a bit wide.

In the 15th minute, Angulo crossed the ball into the box; nonetheless, Antuna’s header was caught by Ochoa. Ten minutes later, Fidalgo got the first chance for América, but his shot went way off-target.

In the 32nd minute, Gudiño deflected a solid shot from Córdova. By the end of the first half, América took the lead thanks to Martin’s header past Gudiño following a set-piece play.

The second half began and ‘Vuce’, aware of the need for a win, sent in ‘Chicote’ and Zaldívar in order to level the game. By the 56-minute mark, Angulo fired a left-footed shot that was caught by the keeper.

A minute later, Henry Martin almost got his brace, but his shot did not find the back of the net. In minute 66 Ponce crossed an accurate ball into Zaldívar, whose shot almost went in.

In minute 74 América doubled their lead with another goal from Martin. Five minutes later, Córdova got another goal for the away team.

Chivas will host Santos next April 4th at Estadio Akron during matchweek 13 of Guard1anes 2021.

Guadalajara 0-3 América
(Henry Martín 45’ and 74’, Sebastián Córdova 78’)
Referee: Marco Antonio Ortiz Nava
Estadio Akron


Guadalajara: 1 Raúl Gudiño, 11 Isaac Brizuela, 3 Gilberto Sepúlveda, 14 Antonio Briseño (YC 16’), 2 Alejandro Mayorga (16 Miguel Ponce al 62’ (RC 71’)), 5 Jesús Molina, 20 Fernando Beltrán (26 Cristian Calderón 45’), 19 Jesús Angulo (30 Sergio Adrian Flores 86’), 7 Alexis Vega, 15 Uriel Antuna (13 Ángel Zaldívar 45’) and 9 José Juan Macías (17 Jesús Sánchez 62’).
Coach. Víctor Manuel Vucetich.

América: 13 Guillermo Ochoa, 2 Luis Fuentes, 19 Emanuel Aguilera, 4 Sebastián Cáceres, 3 Jorge Sánchez (YC 35’) (32 Bryan Cocula 85’), 5 Pedro Aquino, 20 Richard Sánchez, 17 Sebastián Córdova (9 Roger Martínez 85’), 22 Álvaro Fidalgo, 21 Henry Martín (24 Federico Viñas al 79’) and 28 Mauro Lainez (7 Leonardo Suárez 70’).
Coach. Santiago Solari.


Position Teams Matches Points
5 2 4
6 2 3
7 1 3
8 2 3
9 2 3

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