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01/05/2021 13:24 / Robert Amorelli

“People who work together will win, whether it be against complex football defenses, or the problems of modern society.” – Vince Lombardi


Teamwork and blood, and sweat, and tears. In laymen’s terms “Gonads”. Pardon my French.

The Red and White lines battened down the hatches to emerge victorious in their headlong rush towards the playoffs, coming away with nine of nine points to position themselves in spot number ten in league standings. The stage is set for Chivas to define their future in the “repechaje” and move on to the Final Eight.

But there is a catch. There is always a catch.

Vuce’s Fighting Eleven need to deal with an uncomfortable rival. The ever lethal, pitch savvy, World Weary “Tigeres”.

Or, as I have described them before, the “Trees”, coining a phrase from Jorge Valdano, who compared playing defensively minded teams to making love to a tree. His words not mine.

Whenever Guadalajara plays Ricardo “Tuca” Ferreti’s version of UANL I think of director Sergio Leone’s version of the wild, wild west. An honest view, “everything depends on chance, and not the best one wins but the luckiest”.

As I have mentioned on a plethora of occasions, every time Tigres and Chivas face off it is quite frustrating that instead of witnessing the “Beautiful Game” we find Guadalajara’s Starting Eleven have turned into arborists, tree trimmers. Chopping down a defensive wall built to counter-attack and destroy. Boring, insulting, and unacceptable.

This time though, I am not so sure.

There is some extra spice in the gumbo. Ricardo Ferreti’s sudden confirmation that he would not be renewing with Tigres at the end of the season has put a little chile sauce into the mix. I am sure Tuca’s boys would like to send him off with a bang, an honorable gesture for one of the most successful managers in Mexican fútbol. We might not like the way he sets up his teams on the pitch and ridicule him for his unsavory outbursts, but one has to admit Ferretti’s genius has allowed the followers of that “equipo chico” to dream big.

Big, that is until we brought them back to the real world! ROFL

Grande solo hay uno and we don’t wear canary yellow! Red and White Forever!!!

The War Goats will be looking to cement their chances for a playoff berth and won’t make Ferreti’s send-off an easy one. As I have said before there is little love lost between these two teams and I predict a battle to the death.

And may the Best Chiva Win!!!


Position Teams Matches Points
9 17 22
10 17 22
11 17 21
12 17 20
13 17 20

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