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Chivas’ run in Guard1anes 2021 comes to an end

09/05/2021 23:24 / Fernando Giaccardi

From the get-go, both teams went all in, as it should be during elimination rounds; however, it was Chivas who got behind the driver seat in the first half.

In minute 5, Alexis Vega shot from outside the box and Ustari caught the ball and proceeded to assist De La Rosa who fired but ‘Toño’ Rodríguez deflected the ball into the far post.

In the 9th minute, Vega found Antuna with a gorgeous pass and the ‘Brujo’ sent the ball into the back of the net with a solid right-footed shot. By the 22-minute mark, Jesús Angulo and Alexis Vega combined flashy, and the latter unleashed a violent shot that went way above the crossbar.

In minute 45 Murillo released a powerful header that fortunately for El Rebaño ended up in Rodriguez’s hands.

The second half began and with just two minutes in and Antuna got a clear chance as he shot from close range and Ustari saved, a minute later, Angulo was close to increasing Chivas’ lead with a left-footed shot, but the ball went a bit off target.

In minute 50 Pachuca tied the game following a header from Murillo past Rodríguez during a corner kick. In the 59th minute, Antuna tried his luck from outside the box, he fired a left-footed shot and Ustari caught the ball.

In minute 68, Pachuca went in front as De La Rosa escaped and cashed from a close spot. Ten minutes later, Antuna fired a curling shot that went wide, a minute later Murillo put the game to rest with a header after a set-piece play. By the end of the game, De La Rosa got the fourth goal for Pachuca and even though Antuna pulled back for Chivas from the PK spot it was not enough.

Pachuca 4-2 Guadalajara
(Oscar Murillo 50’ and 80’, Roberto de la Rosa 69’ and 88’)
(Uriel Antuna 9’ and PK 90’+2’)
Referee: Marco Antonio Ortiz Nava
Estadio Hidalgo

Pachuca: 5 Oscar Ustari; 22 Gustavo Cabral (YC 16’) (15 Miguel Herrera 67’), 23 Oscar Murillo, 14 Erick Aguirre, 3 Kevin Álvarez, 24 Luis Chávez (16 Jorge Hernández 67’), 28 Erick Sánchez, 27 Felipe Pardo (30 Romario Ibarra 57’), 18 Ismael Sosa (2 Matías Catalán 75’), 8 Francisco Figueroa (6 Víctor Guzmán 57’), 9 Roberto de la Rosa.
Coach. Paulo Pezzolano

Guadalajara: 4 Antonio Rodríguez; 17 Jesús Sánchez (6 César Huerta 72’) (YC 82’), 3 Gilberto Sepúlveda, 35 Luis Olivas, 16 Miguel Ponce (26 Cristian Calderón 72’), 5 Jesús Molina (29 Eduardo Torres 60’) (YC 74’), 11 Isaac Brizuela, 19 Jesús Angulo (20 Fernando Beltrán 60’), 15 Uriel Antuna, 7 Alexis Vega (YC 34’), 9 José Juan Macías (13 Ángel Zaldívar al 46’).
Coach. Víctor Manuel Vucetich


Position Teams Matches Points
9 17 22
10 17 22
11 17 21
12 17 20
13 17 20

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