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13/05/2021 11:12 / Robert Amorelli

“Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.” - Buddha

My Grandpa had a barbershop in downtown San Francisco’s financial district. I basically spent summers there sweeping up hair and shining shoes. In the mid-seventies, Rigo’s had a variety of clientele from various walks of life but with a shared affection which drew them together, that being the camaraderie that only exists in bars, kitchens and barber shops, the perfect place for conversations and shared knowledge and vacuous banter. My Abuelito just had one rule for the Barber Striped Conversationalists, never speak of religion or politics, taboo topics which could potentially kill the barbershop vibe.

But today mis amigos, I am going to break the rule and recommend that everyone buy a little statue of Buddha.

Yes, yes. Sports good, beliefs bad, but this time we might just need to break the rule. Plus, Buddhist doctrine is more a way of living than a belief in a higher life force. Hear me out then you guys can decide if you might like to add a Little Buddha to your Chiva Existence.

The basic doctrines of Buddhism include the "four noble truths": Dukhka which states that Existence is Suffering. Trishna, the cause of suffering which is Craving and Attachment. Nirvana, the cessation of suffering, and the path to Nirvana: the "Eightfold Path" of righteousness (right views, right resolve, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness, and right concentration).

Let us begin.

The Red and White fanbase have had our share of Dukhka, and I am not just talking about this season. If you are a True Chiva Believer then you know that suffering “es el pan de cada día”. The Chiva fan is in a constant state of suffering broken by seemingly brief moments of ecstatic joy! We suffer because we don’t have the right players. We suffer because we failed to make it to the playoffs. But my friends, when we find those moments of perfection the whole planet synchronizes and explodes in majestic happiness! The millions of Red and White clad aficionados melt into one great amalgam of joy!!! Yes, we suffer, but the suffering makes our happiness the sweeter.

We suffer. But what is the reason for our suffering? Trishna!!! Craving and Attachment!!!

We crave that which we do not have. We crave for our players to wax perfect and in that perfection see ourselves reflected. We crave La Copa. We crave to be seen as successful. We suffer because we have an undeniable and inexplicable attachment to our colors and the majestic history of our Rebaño. But it is our Attachment to that which once was, namely our glorious past, and the attachment to that which we do not have yet, an uncertain future which causes Dukhka. That attachment binds us to our sacred colors but also blinds us to our reality. The only way to deal with Craving and Attachment is to live in the moment, the only true moment of existence.

My Chiva Brethren if we can get rid of craving and attachment we can move down the Eightfold Path and ultimately Nirvana. By living the moment in righteousness, speaking the right words, doing the right actions we will change our reality. The reality of the moment and not that we wish to be living. Time to find a little Buddha not to worship it but to remind ourselves that happiness lies in the search for the perfect moment and The Chiva Nirvana.


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