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Changes in Chivas' Youth Teams?

21/06/2022 13:41 / Salvador Pacheco

In order to repeat getting to the qualifiers and taking part in the struggle for the Championship that took place in all the Youth Team categories last season, Club Deportivo Guadalajara has made changes to the coaching staffs of its Cantera Rojiblanca teams for the upcoming 2022 Opening Tournament.

Below is a list of those in charge of the different categories, highlighting the arrival of Gerardo Espinoza to the Liga de Expansión MX affiliate, while Luis Felipe Peña will continue at the helm of the two-time U16 champion generation, which will now compete in the U18s. Alberto Coyote returns to the U20, the category in which he was champion in the AP18.

The coaches for each division are...

DT Gerardo Espinoza
AUX Paulo César Chávez
PF Alex Gorgonio
PF Alonso Rincón
UT Cristian López

DT Alberto Coyote
AUX Mario Ortíz
PF Édgar Capetillo
PF Gerard Piniés
UT Antonio López

DT Felipe Peña
AUX Alberto Ascencio
PF Luis Mercado
UT Mario Guzman

DT Marco Fabián
AUX Rafael Reyes
AUX Wilber Gómez
PF Juan Melo
PF Óscar Morelos
UT Sergio García

DT Rodolfo Jáuregui
AUX Luis Manuel Díaz
AUX Óscar Delgadillo
PF Alonso Rincón
UT Misael García


Position Teams Matches Points
12 0 0
13 0 0
14 0 0
15 0 0
16 0 0

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