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Is Luis Olivas comfortable with his role at Chivas?

30/06/2022 09:26 / Enrique Noriega

The 2022 Apertura season is about to start and Chivas is ready for it, which is why Luis Olivas stated that the team is ready to compete at the highest level and with a thirst for revenge after what happened in the previous tournament. In addition, El Rebaño's center back mentioned that he is becoming more mature to take on a more important role within the red & white team.

This is what Luis Olivas said during today's press conference:

"As time goes by those of us who are homegrown assume a more leading role, we want to show that Chivas’ youth academy is always strong and providing players constantly”.

"The competition with those with more experience is very good, since we always learn and grow thanks to what we can take from each other".

“This is a team sport, so sometimes you get to play and sometimes you don't, when I’m not on the field I support my teammates with the best attitude”.

"I try to always be ready to take the opportunities whenever they come”.

"Of course I see myself being important asset for the team and I want to continue improving".

"I have learned a lot from Jesus Molina and Hiram Mier, their experience has helped me grow as a player”.

“Our goal for the 2022 Apertura is to show everything we have to win since MatchDay 1 and on”.

"I see a very competitive team, we have players like Alexis Vega, Roberto Alvarado, Fernando Beltran and Jose Juan Macias, who undoubtedly make a difference on the field”.

"We have fallen short with our fans, they have always been there and we have not responded in the best way”.

"Words are superfluous, we will try to talk on the field”.

"We are understanding coach Cadena’s playbook, I feel very comfortable as the left center back in that line of 5".

"With the line of 5 we found defensive solidity, that undoubtedly helped us to perform better on the field".


Position Teams Matches Points
14 7 8
15 8 7
16 7 7
17 7 5
18 8 3

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